Concrete Sealing

Zap It Wash offers waterproof sealing services throughout Charlotte for your concrete driveway, walkways, and rear patio areas. We use a premium Siloxane concrete sealer. This sealer is a penetrating sealer designed to reduce the absorption of water on the surface. By reducing the surface water absorption, it reduces deterioration such as cracking, spalling, and pitting. Surface water that isn’t absorbed into the concrete evaporates quickly, drastically reducing the growth of mold and mildew, and the formation of efflorescence.

Siloxane sealers can be applied to virtually all types of unsealed concrete, brick, paver, stone, slate, flagstone, aggregate, and granite surfaces. These sealers will not change the look or color of the concrete, and they won’t leave any visible surface film. Concrete sealed with a Siloxane concrete sealer will look exactly as it did before being sealed, only it will be extremely protected from any moisture.

*Concrete Sealing is priced on a square footage basis*

Zap It Wash offers a 3-step program for this service:

1. Technicians first apply an environmentally safe and biodegradable cleanser to the surface to rid it of accumulated dirt and organic grime.

2. Next is a high-pressure wash to remove debris from the concrete’s surface and inside the tiny pores below it. This deep cleaning helps remove tiny particle matter that has entered the concrete’s pores along with the water compounds.

3. Lastly, we apply the deep penetrating siloxane sealer that keeps the moisture out. This chemical compound of silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen to be the best way to not only protect your surface, but the optimal way to keep it intact. The siloxane sealer gets inside the concrete and bonds to its pores, preventing any liquid from entering, only to freeze and expand later. And because siloxane sealer penetrates below the surface of a concrete driveway, it isn’t prone to being worn away by vehicle traffic or by sunlight and weather.